Nov 26, 2011

Leigh and her paper dosa--notice the guys behind us  ;-)

The perfect bite: dosa wrapped around seasoned potatoes, with coconut and tomato chutney on top

Sugar cane with a baby sleeping on top of the pile

A sugar cane train

Inside the 100 year old Mukti orphanage church

Some of the ex-pat ladies at the Thanksgiving Dinner

Here are some snapshots of the past couple of weeks.  I was sick last week, so all of our plans were put on hold while I rested in bed.  I do not have any pictures of the orphanage children, but will take some this Thursday.  The girls have blogged about the orphanage, and everything they said is true.  It's definitely a God thing.  It is the cleanest place in India that I have visited thus far, and the children and the adults who work there are genuinely happy and sweet.  We are looking forward to spending our Thursday afternoons there.

The girls are doing wonderfully.  There really was never an adjustment period for them.  I know it is because we are surrounded by wonderful friends here at the Oakwood.   The people here are amazing--so kind, so genuine, so helpful, so smart, so funny.   We will miss these wonderful friends all too soon.  :-(    We are blessed to be here at this time.



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