Oct 3, 2012

I am loving being back home.  It was a great summer...I would have enjoyed having the windows open more, but thanks to the unbearable heat (worse than in India) the AC was on almost 100% of the time.   Now, we are full swing into school, and the days are growing cooler.  The windows have been opened for the past few weeks which has been delicious!  The breezes blow in with their sweet scents of fall, while the birds happily chatter out my windows.  I adore this time of year, and  am honored to be its namesake. 

This afternoon is an early out for the girls, so I am taking them to the pumpkin patch that we have been "haunting" since they were babies.  I have pictures from every year, except the two autumns that we spent in Brazil.   It is a perfect day with azure skies and the temperature is in the early seventies.

The support the girls have received with their violins is simply amazing.  Their private teacher is the instructor to all orchestra teachers in the area so he is very well connected and super knowledgeable.   Also, this past week, for the city orchestras that they are in, they had sectionals and professional players from the Quad City Symphony Orchestra personally instructed them!  I love this community.  I used to abhor its smallness, but I now see that it is large enough to have great talent, and small enough to allow you to become intertwined with all of its greatness.  I love all of the opportunities the girls have had.  Thank you Quad Cities! 

As the girls have been back in school, I have had time to focus on my health a bit more.  My days go too fast, as I spend about 3 hours in our fitness/sauna room which eats up a lot of time, but I am so grateful that I have the time.  I have also had time to think about what I am going to do for the rest of  my life.  I feel like I am in retirement.  Andrew says that my focus has just changed, but I am actively looking for something else to do (maybe when the girls are in college).   I have a lot of ideas!  The afternoons up through bed time are busy with homework and violin practice, so I am still teaching which is nice.

I am trying to carve out time to write too.  So, hopefully, I will be successful and be blogging more regularly.  Take care and God bless!