Sep 10, 2010

Visiting my grandparents' burial place in MN

It has been a long time since I've updated my blog. I needed some time to heal and reflect--to keep my happenings here at home between the two of us--to keep them sacred. I am doing remarkably well. Over the winter, my coordination and my communication skills improved daily, and now I only notice that I have glitches in both areas when I am fatigued. All of the MRI's that I have had since the surgery have shown that the tumor is not growing back, and Andrew is positive that it won't, so I'm clinging to his faith.

We are loving our new neighborhood in Iowa. Samantha is in public school this year, and is doing fabulously. She joined orchestra, and also is in a smaller group called "Silver Strings." She's soooo confident and outgoing (as those who know her know) which has helped to make the adjustment easier.

Makaela is doing fabulously in our homeschool. We are using the Sonlight Curriculum like last year, and it's so nice to snuggle on the couch and read all those awesome books!!! We are studying the Eastern Hemisphere this year, which is perfect since we will be moving to India sometime next year. It's been an adjustment for both of us to have Sam gone, but we have gotten into our own groove and now we are thriving. She's still playing the violin and piano. Her orchestra starts up in October, which she is super excited about--mostly because she gets to meet other 4th graders. ;-)

Andrew is enjoying his work like he never has before. He has a team he is leading who will be transferring to India next year. I can't say too much about what he is doing, but I can say that he is loving his work, and enjoying this new team of engineers he is leading. We are soooo excited about the move to India for so many the food, the history, the elephants, the monkeys, the orphanages we get to work at, the achritecture, Sanscrit, Hindi, the food...honestly, I think it's all about the food.