Aug 29, 2007

Last night we found a little gecko in our home schooling room. I will post a picture soon. This afternoon the girls took him outside to hold him. The little guy got scared and ran up Samantha's arm underneath her long sleeved shirt. She in return became scared and tried to grab his tail, which he wisely released himself from. Samantha then came running into the house crying because the tail was wiggling on the sidewalk and the gecko was hiding in her sleeve. The gecko was released in our yard and seemed fine, and Samantha learned about the beautiful survival gift God gave the gecko. The pictures are of the girls picking plums in our back yard. They are scrumptions! We wish we could share them with you. :)

Aug 28, 2007

I have tried to upload more pics, but there are some troubles on Bloggers website--I have some new pics of the girls picking fruit from our plum tree, of the girls drinking their first Chimerhoa Tea, and of them making cookies with their Nanny, Grazi. Hopefully I can get those up soon. We are getting our shipment on Friday! Yeah!!!
Here is a pic of the girls monkey and cat that they made in their Portugese class. Ciao!

Some snap shots of our house and yard...

Hello From Brazil!!! We have been without internet service off and on for about a week. Our phones should arrive on Friday! Yeah!!!

Here is a picture of the girls last Sabbath at the local park. :)

Aug 3, 2007

Meeting beautiful Clara Grace was so special to be able to meet both babies before moving.

Saying "good bye" to Thumper the little bunny we rescuesd after a Thunder Storm. Parker Gott adopted him from us. Thank you Parker!
Here we are saying good bye to baby Gabriel Richter. We praise God that we were able to meet him before our move.