Feb 24, 2012

I am actually going to try to use YouTube to post videos, so I took the videos off of my blog, as it just slowed down the loading time here in India, and I thought maybe it might do the same elsewhere in the world, but maybe I have just been here too long, and see things in a more chaotic and unpredictable way, and am assuming that the whole world works this way?   I do have a few good days where I am cool with the hectic craziness, and the other days I just do not want to get out of bed and face it.  Today was a good day.  I left the hotel thanks to my driver, Santosh, who called around 12:30 to see if I needed the car this afternoon.  I had been thinking about calling him, but kept putting it off.  He knows my schedule pretty well, and most Thursdays I do run errands, but I was considering skipping it and taking a tennis lesson.  But, when he called, I decided to go out and brave it by myself and pick up the things I need for this coming weekend.  It was fine.  I do tend to get overly stimulated which has been an issue since the brain surgery, but India will overstimulate anyone--even those who have all of their brains.  ;-)  

I am going to post pictures of some places that we have eaten recently.  We have become more and more adventurous (or maybe a better word would be irresponsible) with our eating.  I'm really not sure if we are being overly confident or not.  This week, I have backed down with trying new things at new places, as I really, really do not want any of us to become violently sick.  So far, so good, but it feels a bit like Russian Roulette. 

Roasted Peanut Vendor in Mahabelshwar

Fresh cabbage

Vada Pav made by our driver's wife and sister

Where our driver's family eats
Our driver had us over to his home last Sunday to watch his wife and sister make Vada Pav.  Vada Pav is a famous dish in our state, Maharashtra.  It is made up of a potatoes and  freshly ground chilies formed into a patty and dipped in a chick pea batter, deep fried, and served in a bun with more fried chilies.  The girls and Andrew thought it was crazy hot, but I seem to have lost my heat sensor and thoroughly enjoyed 3 vada pavs, but I paid for it dearly with headaches.  Was it worth it?  Yes!!! 

Restaurant in the country

Sugar cane juicer

Sugar cane juice

Produce vendor

Mahabelshwar strawberries

Grilled corn with lemon and a chili mixture

This corn is everywhere and is wonderful

Roasting chick peas

Seasoned chickpeas
Fresh honey--we did not buy this ;-)
Utapam and fresh pomegranate juice

Paper dosa
Famous vada pav stop outside of Pune

Wonderful restaurant in the country about an hour from Pune