Dec 10, 2009

Thank you, praise God, it's all over!!!

For those of you who speak Portuguese, you'll be humored to learn that the first words/thoughts I had after surgery were in Portuguese. For the first 3 days following surgery, Portuguese came first, and then the English, and now it's all primarily English--"que pena!"

As I slowly type this, I am back in the Quad Cities, in acute rehab--which means I'm still hospitalized, but close to home. The PT and surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic thought the intensity and focus that I'm receiving here would help speed my recovery. Everyday is a little easier than the last, as my brain heals itself, and works out new pathways. I can walk by myself now, but I haven't tried out my Brazilian platform boots yet.

Speech comes slowly, but only those who knew me well can notice. And, I get my nods for "yes" and "no" confused a bit. Andrew claims that it is pretty cute. Andrew stayed in the hospital room(s) with me, while we were in Cleveland--never leaving my side while sleeping in chairs--some comfy others not so. He's been my rock--my gift from God.

Well, if all goes well, I should blow this pop shop next Thursday--with a weekend pass in between then and now, so, if you should see me around town in my Brazilian platform boots this weekend, don't be too surprised.

Thanks again for your prayers for "nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37