Jan 5, 2012

Happy New Year! We had a wonderful holiday, and thoroughly enjoyed spending our days with no obligations and nowhere in particular to go. We did not venture out too much around town, we mostly just stayed here at the hotel. We had no desire to be busy. Andrew and I would sit in the lounge daily after our breakfast until 12:30 or 1:00 talking. I with my jasmine green tea and Andrew with his cappuccino. The girls would take their scooters out to the walking path for awhile, play at the park with the kids, or fly their helicopters with their sweet friend Neeha while Andrew and I chatted. It was LOVELY. It's too bad that it had to come to an end.

It's the girls' tradition to sleep by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve

Since Tuesday, we have been back on our work/school schedule. For English class, one part of it is blogging. I do not take the time to read their posts before they publish them, as this is their journal, and I do not believe in grading or correcting journals. I just let them write whatever they want, and as fast and furiously at they can get their thoughts down. It is very cathartic for them to share what they are experiencing with their friends and family. You can find them here :  www.frombraziltoindia.blogspot.com   unordinarylife-sam.blogspot.com

I talked Andrew into taking me to the Pune Train Station today.  It was over stimulation on every level--a mix of excitement and deep sadness.  The smells are horrid, it's loud, dusty, crowded, and there are destitute people all around.  The girl below was one of many begging for money.  We do not give them money (even though I ache to), as the poverty is organized, and we do not want to aid their "pimp." We do give them food, but we did not have any treats for children with us today, so I took this little ones picture and showed it to her which produced a gigantic smile.  I wish I could have captured her joy at that simple thing.  I wonder where she is sleeping tonight.  My heart breaks at the mistreatment of children, women, and the street dogs.  It is devestating to see life treated as something disposable--meaningless.     

When we returned from the train station, there was a wedding procession about to start.  The men and boys in their handsome black suits were having  rich colored turbans wrapped around their heads. 

I hope your 2012 is filled with peace and joy. 

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