Nov 18, 2011

Our Unreal Reality

Serenading our neighbors

This week has been the best week so far as it feels that life is regaining its sense of rhythm.  We seem to have nailed down a nice routine that allows us all to do what we need to do in regard to work and school, and also to have some fun on the side.

Living here is not reality (at all).  For example, we are literally surrounded by wonderful people who have fast become friends, breakfast is unbelievably amazing with its varied options and freshness (and friends), the weather is perfection--so much so that when we asked last weekend if the girls were interested in going to see a film Sam said, "It's such a beautiful day, I'd hate to see it go to waste," and we find ourselves wondering if there will ever be a crummy, cloudy, cold day.  It is truly a happy place.  The ex-pats here are all so very friendly and down-to-earth.  It feesl like we are living an ex-pat version of the sitcom "Friends," as we are personally sharing our lives throughout the day with the other folks who live here at the Oakwood--whether it is breakfast, at the pool, chatting at the playground, eating out, riding in rickshaws together, or having tea in each others flat.  Often times I have to cloister myself in the apartment to relax and let my mind settle.  I still find myself with a headache when I socialize too much, but living here has been such a blessing for when I do fatigue the girls can keep on visiting at the hotel park where I know they are safe.

Tomorrow we are going to visit an orphanage that was started over 100 years ago for destitute women and their children.  Living here makes me feel everything a thousand times deeper--like gratefulness for example.  I am ever so grateful to be me, and I feel guilty about it.  I have experienced many losses throughout my life...but, when I see the kids on the streets, my burdens feel painfully light, like I have been weeping over carrying a humming bird's feather, while everyone else has been bearing a two ton boulder, and all of a sudden my problems and pain feel trivial and embarrassing.

Violin lessons over Skype with Mr. Henry in Iowa

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