Nov 4, 2009

Written Wednesday November, 4th 2009

  • I had my second MRI today. We are looking to see what is happening with my uninvited guest upstairs, and to rule out some other potential options that the edema could be or could be caused by.

  • The MRI was at 8:30 this morning, so the girls toted their school books along to the office. On the way home at 10:15, I decided I better stop by the mall at one of those drop in salons, "no appointments necessary," to have my highlights touched up. Due to the risk of more seizures, I am not allowed to drive until spring, so finding time, and opportunities for frivolous but important things like getting my hair done, have been hard to squeeze in. Plus by the evening my body is shot, and by that time I really don't care if my hair is blue or pink (blue is the best though, right Margaret?) So, since it was morning, and I still had my energy, my vanity won and Andrew dropped the girls and me off at the mall with their books in tow, and he headed back to Deere.

  • Upon entering the salon, 5 beauticians sat in the back of the shop chatting away. They looked like a friendly bunch, so I greeted them, and asked if they could fit me into their schedule that morning. Before answering one of them rudely accosted the girls with, "why aren't you guys in school?" I deflected her accusatory tone from my girls who have enough to think about right now and told her that, "I have a brain tumor that induces seizures, and am not allowed to drive, so when I have an opportunity to get out and have my hair done, I take it, and I take my kids who are home schooled with me." Silence. I hope they are nicer to the next person that comes in to their little shop. There are 2 main things I have learned from this experience...the first is, don't judge a person--period--we have no idea what they are carrying, and the second is, people are generally wonderful, generous, and overall extremely amazing loving beings.

  • Besides for the all encompassing fatigue that hits me like a freight train throughout the day, I feel great. I am using my time and my energy, purely for my little family right now. E-mails, phone calls, and visits, are difficult to accomplish by the end of the day. But, I once again need to thank you all for your kindness and support. I received a gorgeous lavender prayer quilt from a group of folks that I don't even know if I know from Brainerd, MN. I have it on my lap as I type. Whenever, I need to lie down, recharge, and let the peace of God consume me, I reach for this precious blanket and my Kari Jobe CD (thanks Jen), and remember all of the prayers that have been prayed on my behalf. THANK YOU!

  • It is now Friday, November 6th...We ate out at our favorite Indian Restaurant for lunch, and were thoroughly enjoying forgetting that life is anything but normal, when my neurologist and neurosurgeon walked in. They are both wonderful kind and compassionate men, but I didn't want the reminder right then as I was so enjoying "normalcy." There were no vacant tables at the restaurant, so they asked if they could sit with us...(LOL)! I guess God doesn't want me to forget, but to just look this challenge straight in the face. It looks like we will be having the surgery in Cleveland a week or so before Thanksgiving. We're hoping to be home, and to celebrate our annual Thanksgiving feast with the Fernando's and all our good friends there. And, Eleanor and Izzy, if I do make it, could you please sing at least one song with reversed parts? :)

Love, hugs, and prayers to you all from the four of us!!!


King Arthur Queen Rebecca Princess Adrianna said...

Hope to be able to see you all on Thanksgiving.

Misty said...

I enjoyed the new pictures and your update. I understand being wiped out at the end of the day. Though what's growing inside of me is an invited guest, it is still a reminder to focus on what's important. =) We'll be praying for an excellent outcome from your surgery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Autumn! Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and asking God for all the best in every way. Big hugs to you and the girls. Tell them I have more Monica mags for them I'll be dropping off soon.


Anonymous said...

Just was looking for a new post thinking about and praying for you--I hope you can post when your surgery is so that we can all be in prayer!!!
Love and hugs
Wendi and family