Sep 3, 2009

Hello friends and family!!!
I have been away from this old computer for a long time, and will be away for awhile as we continue reaclimating and simply enjoying our life in the States. In a month or so, I will try to squeeze in the time to post updates and what not. We are all doing wonderfully...busy with the joys of kittens and bunnies, and all things that go along with girlhood and family life in America.
We said "goodbye" to my Grandma Bette recently, as she passed away on the 17th of August. She will be greatly missed. We are all just so grateful that we were home and I was able to see her one more time here on this earth.
God bless you all, and we'll have to chat soon!!!

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Misty said...

I just noticed your new post. Glad to hear that everything is going well for all of you. I need to make the time to update my own blog. =)