May 13, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Makaela!!! The birthday morning, looking out the window watching for Daddy to arrive for lunch.

Happy Birthday!!!

Laura stopped by before the party to drop off a gift--beautiful scarves that her mother crocheted that can be used as a belt also.
Our birthday princess
Daddy being silly as usual

Makaela received LOTS of books so she can keep using her Portuguese! :)

Giving each other "pedicures" with the sparkle lotion Makaela received
Makaela had a wonderful 8th birthday! Everything was princess pink, including her. The fun continues for Makaela as she is anticipating celebrating her 8th birthday again when we arrive in the States. Since we are so close to our return date, the grandmas didn't send the presents on to Brazil, but on to our little yellow house back home in Illinois. We are planning a birthday bash back home where friends and Grandma's can participate. It's been two years since the girls have shared their birthdays with their grandparents, and they are anxious to start up the tradition again!!! :)

Last night was very sad for me, as I am such a selfish mommy wishing time would slow down--maybe even come to a full stop--a pause button would be nice. I cried for a long time after my little Makaela went to sleep, all pink and basking in the glow of new presents to play with in the morning. I honestly can't believe how fast the baby years and the toddler years slipped through my fingers. Now we are in the school girl years which are the sweetest yet, but how fast they too are escaping me. I want to capture every moment and bury it deep in my heart to treasure forever. I hate every memory that has eluded me. I don't want to forget anything. Every year the joy deepens and the fun increases as the girls come more into themselves, but at the same time I have a piercing longing for things to stay as they are, and a reluctance to let go of who they once were--my babies.


Eleanor Arkhipova said...

Beautifully written Autumn.

The girls are not babies anymore, that's for sure. It's crazy how time goes by so fast. Sometimes I reminisce by looking at old photos and wish I could jump back into the past - into the picture/video - and relive the memories, the joy, the feeling, the fellowship. Now I just dream about the past (during sleep) and it's the only way I can relive it realistically.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Makaela. She is turning into a lovely little lady.

Our Family said...

Thanks Autumn for making me CRY this morning LOL. I feel the same way.....that is all I can write for now.
Love you all and she was a beautiful birthday girl!

Our Family said...

Hey you I miss your pictures and insights into life--I see you left facebook this blog done or one that will continue--I would love to catch up somewhere:) Love you all!