Dec 1, 2008

Viviani enjoying the rain at the Thanksgiving Party
Samantha's Apple Pie

Andrew juggling at the Thanksgiving dinner
Playing Dominoes

Christmas cookie baking with the Brazilian Ladies

Lagarto--two foot lizard in our backyard--he was quite amiable

Love how the water is glazed over their faces

Kaela and Theo with their new "hair-do's"

John Deere Brazil--A green Christmas, and a white Christmas tree


Our Family said...

Our little one said "oh those kids are so cute" my thoughts exactly--fun haircuts--we are cold in snow neat to see so many places in the world are so different! Loved the pictures--looks like fun!!!!

Misty said...

Enjoyed the pictures of Christmas preparations in Brazil. We're already tired of winter here and it only started snowing last week.

I'll be updating my blog soon. I have to get some more tests graded before then, though.