Nov 24, 2008

Miscellaneous shots from this past weekend. We went to church in Santa Rosa, and enjoyed a picnic in the park afterwards where we took the outdoor pictures. The girls have been swimming daily, and our yard has become the place to play in the neighborhood do to our large backyard, and the pool helps too! :) I took the picture of the sunflowers from inside the car as we sped by, but you can still see the beauty of them...and the bananas with the large purple flower hanging below--gorgeous!
P.S. I am super behind on my e-mails, but will try to catch up this week/weekend. I want to wish a Happy Thansgiving to you all! Love, The Foerderer's!!!!


Our Family said...

Wow you have some amazing sites there--I love the sunflowers and bananna tree pictures--beautiful! The top picture of the girls is amazing--really beautiful--all the pictures are beautiful and such pretty dresses on the girls--they look fun--crazy as it is FREEZING here--no snow just super cold and you all are in sundresses:) At my folks in Michigan they are under many feet of snow--crazy huh?

King Arthur & Queen Rebecca said...

great pictures... autumn, you look a lot like nini on this one pic where you stood next to andrew... that was the first thought that came to my mind. the girls are growing so fast.