Aug 11, 2008

The pilot of our flight to Sao Paulo took a liking to the girls and invited them to sit in the cockpit and borrow his "hat" The Penca Crew(our adopted family) took us to the airport and sent us off. You guys are the best neighbors, friends etc! Thanks for all you do for our family! We love you guys!

Visiting with the Sink Family & their bunnies--notice the hairless one below

Tony & Nirma--thanks for all of the hilarious and sweet e-mails you send to the girls!

Sam, Maci, Madison, & Makaela
Andrew, Grandpa Steve, Uncle Mark, & Dustin
Auntie Janel & Madison
Beth & Mark
Cousins!!! Minnesota Wild Flowers

Thank you to all of our friends and family who helped to make our trip back to the States awesome! By the third week I was pretty exhausted, as the second we stepped off the plane in the QCA we were off and running--sleep or no sleep. I stopped taking pictures by the fourth week, but I do want to thank those of you who had us over for dinner, took us out to eat, etc--Jay & Shirley--it was so great to relax and visit at your house like old times, Bologi and Lavanha--you make the most awesome Indian food and inspire us to keep on learning, Gina--thanks for the girl time, Todd & Becky--thanks for having us in for Vietnemese food & we look forward to being neighbors someday soon, Don & Kim--you make the most wonderful lasagna & we enjoyed swapping "ex-pat" stories, Jaspreet we'll meet you at Le MeKong next summer, Len & Dr. Fernando, Eleanor & Andre, & Izzy thanks for our last meal at the Thai Restauant--we are still savoring the memory, and look forward to joining you there again next year! We love and miss you all. Prayers and hugs!!! P.S. Jim and Laurie, do you think you could bring Steve & Linda down here to visit us?


Miah, Wendi, Yanita and Kailianne said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time--crazy busy time in the states--gorgeous pictures of you and the family--thanks for sharing!

King Arthur & Queen Rebecca said...

when two or three minnesotan gather together.... or were they north dakotans? :) just kdding, andrew. you girls look cute on the cockpit.