Jan 25, 2008

Our friend, Shirley Richter, wrote us this poem before our move to Brazil. Her husband Jay, is the president of the Christian radio station KRQC, in Davenport, Iowa. Andrew was his right hand man while we were there, which will explain the adorable punch line at the end of the poem. Thanks Shirley! :)

Our Prayer

As we send you on your way
To a home far away
We assure you we will pray
For your safety day by day

For no distance can erase
The sweet memories we trace
Of the friendship so true
That we have found in you

We'll thank God for you
As you seek adventures new
And pray that He will guide
And stay close by your side

We will pray for His love
To keep your hearts from above
In all of your trials
You'll face across the miles

Now in case you failed to know
Our feelings deep we will show
For our constant prayer will be
Hurry back to KRQC!!

Shirley Richter

1 comment:

Misty said...

We still hear Andrew's voice at the top of every hour and think of you.