Jan 30, 2008

The beautiful breakfast that Andrew and Makaela made for us...pancakes, vegetarian "pigs in a blanket", and fruit kakobs...
Samantha in front of the lot next to our house where they hold "Carnival" activities...which means as of the last 2 weeks and one more week to come we don't sleep very well, as they party until about 6 in the morning--lots of people and crazy loud music...along with a live band of drummers.
Samantha in front of our house...

This is the English school where we study Portuguese
Samantha's Sunday morning bouquet... Every Sunday morning I take one of the girls for a walk while Andrew and the other girl make a special breakfast (and we provide the bouquet on our return). :) The girls love to gather flowers along the way. There are so many varieties and they flourish like weeds...we find them in the ditches along the roads, cracks in the sidewalks, and on trees.

Our church here in Horizontina--it's only 2 blocks from our house
View from our church window...the house next door was demolished and the view is of another house. If you look closely you can see their washing machine on the back porch. Thanks to the tropical climate, this is very common. Most people don't use dryers, so having the washing machine outside is very practical.

At a local River Sabbath Afternoon
Posing in front of an "animals prohibited in the water" sign --lucky for Theo who detests swimming

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Miah, Wendi, Yanita and Kailianne said...

Good to see you guys--Autumn is so pretty and tan--bet you are loving the sunshine--it is below zero with wind chill--and lots of snow here--enjoy!