Nov 7, 2012

Sam turns 14!

 Sam's 14th birthday!!!

Millenium Park, Chicago--at The Bean

My little Chinadoll
The Willis/Sears Tower
It has been a fabulous year for Samantha.  I am guessing it was one of her favorite years of her life thus far.  Her 14th is shaping up to be pretty remarkable too.  We have been blessed with a remarkable, energetic, smart girl with loads of integrity and confidence. We love you Sam--Happy Birthday!!!
We took a trip to Chicago last time Andrew was home, and did fairly well for not being at all savvy with how to get around the Windy  City.  We did spend an inordinate amount of time in traffic though.  Next time, we will either stay downtown, or use the trains.    

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Leigh said...

Autumn! I can't believe you started blogging again & I didn't realize it. I was still checking for a while, but missed the start-up. You sound so happy to be home...and I imagine even happier now that Andrew's back & forth is over. We miss you guys! Look forward to following the blog! Hugs & well-wishes for the holiday season!