Apr 16, 2009

Hi there again!!! Wendi--you've given me back my blogging bug--lol!!! :) I took these pics of the girls this morning. I loved the way the sun was dancing through the oarnge tree on our driveway, so I shot the pics there. Makaela dressed herself in those adorable Brazilian cowgirl boots this morning, and that was my inspiration to drag them outside and capture the magic of her style sense. Also, the girls got bangs yesterday!!! It cost me 75 cents to get them bangs, and 6$ for a manicure AND pedicure for myself. Terribley cheap!

The top picture of Makaela, is of her holding our last can of vegetarian hotdogs (until we return home)! It was a big deal, let me tell you!!! We ate them all up for lunch today! :)

Also, we have an American who moved next door last week, so the girls are having fun spoiling him with gifts they leave on his doorpost. The pic of Mak holding the red bag, is one of his "surprises" she made this morning. His fiance, will be coming in June, once they have married!!! They are neat, neat couple--too bad we won't be here for much longer to enjoy them!


Queen Mommy said...

Aw, they look SO CUTE with bangs!

Surprise Package Company....that's so sweet. The girls love that Uncle Arthur story!

Eleanor & Andrey said...

Hi Autumn,

I'm so glad that you posted that you have a new blog up in your facebook profile. Facebook has spoiled me into boycotting the blogs and I'm glad that you got me into it again (like Wendy to you).

Anyway, I adore the bangs on the girls. They look sophisticated.

Last can of veggie hot dogs! I would get very emotional as well. :-)

We're planning for Thanksgiving already and hope that you'll be able to join us at my parent's house. We'll do a concert like the old days. The girls' grandparents are welcome to come as well. :-)

Cant wait till you all return.

<3 Eleanor.

Our Family said...

GORGEOUS Autumn--really GREAT photography here--using the sun is one of my favorite things--these are simply beautiful pictures and should be framed--great work! I am charging my camera battery this morning as we head off to zoo today figured it has been too long since we have had some great shots of the girls myself--much harder to do with glasses looking for tips on that.....any welcomed! Hard especially to get together as one set of glasses at least usually glares at me--precious anyhow! I LOVE THEM with bangs-they are gorgeous girls--simply wonderfully made!!!!! Thanks Autumn for blogging I LOVE seeing what you are doing and hearing the story--something that facebook lacks......something beautiful!
Love you and cannot wait to see you all!
Wendi--hugs to those precious girlies and Kaela that fashion statement with boots cannot be matched--adorable--I wish I had some along with that outfit and I would match you any day!!!!