Jan 30, 2009

We have been adopted by a preocious little dachsund we call "Salsicha" which means "hotdog" in Portuguese. He does have a family, as he wears an old belt cut into a collar around his neck. It's obvious though that he is not too fond of them, as he stays with us for weeks on end. He's absolutley, positively certain that we are his, and that we and our house are his responsiblity to protect and love. He's a heartbreaker, and even our cockapoo, Theodore has taken to him.

We also have come into the good fortune of being owners of 3 baby Argentine Black & White Tegus (lizards). I haven't had much interest in reptiles or amphibians since I was in grade school, but these little guys have stolen my heart right along with my girls'. At this time they are only about 5 inches long, but should grow to be about 4 feet long. They are already so docile and friendly. When the girls put them down on the floor, they head right for them and run into their hands or onto their laps...it's the cutest thing.


Eleanor A. said...

Wow Autumn... I love the little hot dog doggie you have. I almost spontaneously bought a Daschund puppy at Teskies a few days ago but Dre wouldn't have it. :(

I'm so jealous that you have more pets - the lizards are a bonus too. I cant wait to meet all of them! I <3 animals.

Our Family said...

How cute is that doggy and those lizards I think I would have to meet them--they are pretty but I have never been too fond of reptiles either:) Your family is precious as always--lots of fun with all the extra pets I bet too:)