Oct 15, 2008

Rain. This week we've had one rainstorm after another. It makes the mornings exciting. From our school room, we watch the mango trees swaying back and forth, and with every sway they seem to stretch their branches closer and closer to our window--almost hitting it, but not quite. Our shutters make loud wolf like howls as the wind whips through them. It really is quite exciting, sometimes too exciting. Ever since our storm last spring (October), we all feel a little apprehensive when the windows begin to howl again.
Yesterday, Makaela made her third attempt to attend Cristo Rei elementary school. The plan was that I would stay in the library for the entire four hours just in case Makaela needed me. This plan was way to exciting for me. I was armed with books that I have been dying to devour. As we entered the class room, I started chatting with some of the other mothers and their kids. I introduced Makaela, and I thought all was going just great until I realized my precious little girl was crying, and now clutching to my waist. Ugh. Such heart break for me. Crying in public is something she just doesn't do. I think sometimes the whole Portuguese, Brazil thing just gets to a person. Sometimes hearing me talk in Portuguese makes her sad (as well as everyone else who has to endure me!!!) (When I talk in Portuguese Makaela says that I don't seem to be her mommy). Well, we didn't want to quit before we had even started so, I joined her class. We sang for the first twenty minutes out in the playground--walking in circles, holding hands...it was great! I wish I had had my camera. After singing time, we went back to her classroom. I know her teacher from previous activities, and she is a sweetheart. She was very receptive to me staying in the classroom and she put Makaela's desk in the front row closest to her own desk. I sat in the back corner with all of my unread books, and thoroughly enjoyed watching my little girl interacting, reading, doing math, and making friends in her Portuguese world. Makaela told me that this was her best day ever and can't wait to go back as it is "so much fun having you in the room with me!" So, for now every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I will be attending Cristo Rei also. I'll have plenty of years to read in the future--for now it's Kaela and I in the second grade.


soccer mama said...
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Our Family said...

What a little sweetheart--yes plenty of years to read--not so many to hang on to this precious Mommy needed time! I am glad she had a nice day with Mommy in class:)

soccer mama said...

Thank you for updating about school... I was wondering how things were going. I can just picture you sitting in the classroom with her, how sweet! You are such a good mommy, your girls are so blessed!

FYI- If you see anything "weird" on my blog, just know that it is not me. I have had someone hacking in changing my words to profanities and leaving rude comments!

Eleanor and Andrey said...

I commented a while back about the girls going to school but for some reason it's not there. We're glad that Samantha is enjoying school and we're praying for Kaela. Please tell her that I cried in school when I was in first grade because I didn't have my mom with me (she was in the USA). Tell her that she's lucky to have a great mommy who is always there.

>> On another note, we're still upset that Bamboo Garden closed. We've also been to noodles & co. their asian dishes tastes authentic. Love them. We've also visited Andrews University for a Sabbath weekend and also attended Clinton church. I think we're going to check out Muscatine soon. We'll keep you posted.

Until then, we enjoy reading your blogs and vicariously living Brazil through you all.