Sep 21, 2008

We "had" (we hope it's dead) a large poisonous snake in the long grassy area of our back yard. Senhor Fikes burned the area on Friday, and is going to replant it with grass.

Our gardener, Senhor Fikes -- He requested I take this picture, as he has a collection of pictures with all of his clients

It's election time here in Horizontina which means lots of speakers blasting campaign slogans...
and lots of campaign flags

At the John Deere Foundation Park -- We come here often to play

Makaela and Sir William hard at work

On our way downtown

A week ago Friday, the girls finished their first period of school. Yeah! (We have six, six week periods for their annual curriculum). To celebrate this accomplishment, we went out on the town Friday afternoon to shop for a new outfit for our furry family member, Theodore, our cockapoo. The girls chose this activity for their special day, as shopping for their beloved Theo is by far their most favorite thing to do. It so happened that we were puppy sitting for a friend's poodle, Scoobi, that weekend, so he also joined us on our puppy shopping outing.

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Miah, Wendi, Yanita and Kailianne said...

Kiddos you look gorgeous--what fun to go shopping for your puppy--what did you get??? Hugs from Wendi and girls:) Theodore looks so precious with his new haircut too and Autumn I love the pictures down the side--makes you want to cry how fast they do grow!!!! I am wanting to add some more young ones down my side when I get a chance--love to remember that way!