Jul 22, 2008

Sugar Loaf Mountain/Pao do Acucar & views from the mountain top after sunset

Salto Do Yucuma is over 1 mile and 1/8 long--the longest waterfall in the world. We went here in late May with some visiting Americans.

We are back home as of today, from our five week stay in the U.S.. We had an awesome time!!! I am going to include some pictures here of some places we visited before we arrived in the States June 18th (Salto Do Yucuma and Rio de Janeiro).


Eleanor and Andrey said...

I'm glad you are all back in Brazil safely. We prayed for your safe trip.

Thank you also for the wedding gift. We definitely needed the light floor lamp in our computer room. :-)

Cant wait to see you all next year. We miss you all already.

Misty said...

Welcome "home" world travelers! Your recent pictures are diverse and beautiful. Thank you for sharing some of your time in the States with us while you were back...

Vaya Con Dios,
Brian, Misty, and Clara