Apr 16, 2008

The girls have started their own blog at http://www.samandmak.blogspot.com/ . Please leave comments for them when you visit. They thrive on those little interactions from friends back home. Children are so amazing, so adaptable. They have absorbed right into the culture here. I believe our move back home, will be as much of an adjustment as our move down here was for them. We are trying to keep our ties back home real for them, so they don't forget too much. I think the blog will be another great tool to keep them in touch with "home."

We are moving into fall here. The morning and nights are quite chilly. The girls are loving it--true northerners they are. The cat is staying inside more; he never did care for the cold weather.

Andrew's trip to the States went really well. Thanks to all of you dear friends that fed him! He was booked solid for every lunch and dinner for over two weeks. You guys are the "bestest" friends in the whole world. Thank you!!! The girls and I had our own bit of fun while he was away. The four of us (with Theodore, our cockapoo) camped out in my bedroom. Four beds. Lots of giggling. On Monday nights, Andrew and my date night, the girls and I had our own little party for 3 Mondays. They sure were bummed out this past Monday, when they had to go to bed while we went back to our old schedule. But, Andrew and I were pretty happy. ;)

On Andrew's return, we had Christmas all over again. He came back with 5 suitcases packed with treasures!!! All sorts of lovely things we have been missing...perfumes, lotions, candies, spices, clothes, play dough, toys, etc, and...presents from friends and family. Thanks again to all of you for your love and support. We so appreciate you all back home. We are so enjoying our time here, but at the same time, thank God for the home and friends we have to go back to.
Ciao for now!

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Miah, Wendi, Yanita and Kailianne said...

How wonderful!!!!!! I bet those suitcases were so fun to open! Yanita has been asking for her own blog we told her maybe next school year we would work on one for her with her......so she is excited. She will love your girls blog!