Dec 25, 2007

A sparkly Christmas Eve
The girls each bought me a stuffed animal to replace some favorites I left back home :)
William and Andrew having some bonding time
Samantha reading a Christmas story to us
Merry Christmas to all and thank you so much for the phone calls and e-mails! We have the best friends and family! Lots of love to you all from us! :)


Miah, Wendi, Yanita and Kailianne said...

Beautiful family, I love the shots you got--and the girls looks so beautiful I love their dresses. Very neat Autumn how you take the time to remember the most important things, love and family traditions....that will always be so special for you all. I admire that in you!

Andrew, Autumn, Samantha, Makaela, Sir William, and Mr. Theodore said...

Thank you Wendi...I admire the exact same traits in you. You're a fabulous mom!