Jul 25, 2007

'Oi' do Brasil! We arrived safely Thursday morning at 2:30. The girls and the animals travelled beautifully inspite of a 6 hour delay. Everyone is well today. Andrew endured a bought with food poisoning for several days, but he is now fully recovered. I was solo for the first few days while Andrew recovered...many adventures to report on as I attempted to speak with the locals and drive the stick shift through their curvy and voraciously bumpy roads.

The "Kao Kilati" is the kennel that is taking care of Sir William and Theodore.

The picture with Andrew and the girls is in front of our hotel room. We have a lovely spacious aparment to stay in until the house is ready. Yesterday the girls helped the "maid" clean the sidewalks. The maid, Diana, would spray the walk down with water while the girls would "scrub" with their brooms. I'll have to post pics of that later. :-)


Miah, Wendi, Yanita and Kailianne said...

Things look so beautiful--the girls are so pretty--that one picture of Samantha by herself is a GORGEOUS picture of what a little lady she is becoming--so pretty! God bless you all!

Margaret said...

Hi. I'm glad you made it safely to that beautiful country. I will be praying for you in the rough yet exciting, growing days ahead.


margaret :)

Neni said...

Hi Bug. Pretty neat blog! You are quite the picture taker, a true work of art!

Love you, Mom